The Successful Mind Podcast - Episode 469 - Am I In Love?

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 469 – Mindset Monday’s – Am I In Love?

You can be in love with anything—a person, a thing, a business, a pet, or anything else in your life. But what does it mean to actually “be in love”? Not only is love an amazing experience, but it also lifts our entire outlook on everything.

Today I’m reading from Thomas Troward’s book, The Edinburgh and Dore Lectures on Mental Science. He says being in love means being in resonance with something and “entering into the spirit of it.” Entering in the spirit of something is an attitude of mind and a conscious choice. You don’t have to wait until it happens to you—you can choose it.

In this episode you’ll learn:


    • To love something is to “enter into the spirit of it”
    • To appreciate a book, artwork, picture, or music, we must enter into the spirit of it and share the mental attitude of its creator—otherwise these things are meaningless to us
    • When you have a desire to do something, there’s a spirit, an internal pressure, and an urge to manifest that desire 
    • The artist can create something out of nothing; whereas the scientist or mathematician measures something that’s already in existence
    • We’re not supposed to create from a place of lack or fear, but from love and harmony
    • When we resist something, we shut down and the mind becomes unresourceful; the body becomes less strong
    • Being in a higher energy state doesn’t just make us happy; it also allows us to be more resourceful


As human beings, we all have the ability to take our capacity for love and engage it consciously with something. As you go about your day, notice if you’re entering into the spirit of love, growth, or harmony with whatever you’re doing?


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The Edinburgh and Dore Lectures on Mental Science – by Thomas Troward

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