The Successful Mind Podcast - Episode 475 - Stay Committed

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 475 – Mindset Monday’s – Stay Committed

When you set a goal, you must have a white-hot desire inside of you to reach that goal. The desire needs to be kept alive, because it guides you when everything else is gone. Another word for this is commitment.

Desire and commitment illuminate the vision for what you want to create for yourself. It’s your compass—the thing that always needs to be there.

In today’s episode you’ll learn:


    • You can’t see something on the screen of your mind if there wasn’t a way to actually do it
    • “There’s always a way” when you’re committed
    • You must periodically check your level of commitment (like checking that your gas tank has enough fuel)
    • Your commitment needs to be thorough—in other words, what are you actually committed to (starting? reaching a goal? completing the follow-through after the goal?)
    • Why climbing Mount Everest takes real commitment not only to get to the top, but also to come back down
    • Your goal is just one piece of the puzzle in the giant picture of everything you’re doing—so it’s not just about reaching your goal—it’s about “making it back down the mountain”
    • It takes a toll on us to psychologically and physically to reach a goal—because of the amount of learning, adapting, and growing we have to do in order to win (commitment is what gets us through this)


My mentor once told me, “Never, ever finish a goal without setting the next one before you finish the first one. Never.”


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