The Successful Mind Podcast - Full Throttle Thursday - The Pursuit of Happiness

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 498 – Full Throttle Thursday – The Pursuit of Happiness

On Easter Sunday, Jordan Peterson made an Instagram post titled, “Pursue Your Life’s Adventure.” In it, he said, “To pursue your life’s adventure is better than happiness…and maybe if you’re lucky, while you’re pursuing it, you get to be happy.” (Click here to read the full post)

This is something I completely disagree with. Peterson struggles with happiness himself, which is why he says things like this. He’s made it very public that he struggles with depression.

I don’t think happiness comes from luck. Happiness is a state of being. It’s a choice, and a level of consciousness. As conscious beings, our greatest power is our ability to choose. That’s how we create our reality. 

In today’s episode, BT and I discuss our thoughts on Peterson’s post. You’ll learn:


    • Our perception creates all of our emotional states, and we can choose to change our perception
    • Why some people are miserable from the time they wake up until the time they go to bed
    • How I was miserable at 22 years old, but I found out that I could change it—and I wanted to change it (and I ended up tripling my income in 30 days after I changed my attitude)
    • How Jordan Peterson has studied very dark subjects all of his life—and when you only study the dark side of human nature, you can get stuck there
    • It’s not one person’s responsibility to save the world —everyone must stay in their own “conscious lane”
    • Complaining about everything doesn’t solve anything—you need focused action, a plan, and people who can think
    • How the law of polarity can help you choose to be happy


We’re all part of an amazing intelligence in the universe that continues to push life forward. Everything that happens (whether “good” or “bad”) can be seen as something that’s leading up to something greater. Every problem is leading to something better. 

Each of us can have an intention to feel a certain way or experience whatever we want—whether it’s feeling happy, sad, angry, or mad. You can choose to show up in a certain way, and this is a choice based on your level of consciousness or understanding


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