The Successful Mind Podcast - Episode 511 - Give Full Value to Receive Full Value

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 511 – Mindset Monday’s – Give Full Value to Receive Full Value

In Working with the Law (in the chapter called “The Law of Receiving”), Raymond Holliwell says that, “Money came into form to fill the need for exchange.” Humans needed a way to exchange things. Bartering was our first form of exchange until it was no longer practical to trade things that we didn’t need or want.

Today money touches everything we do—and everything has a financial component to it. Unfortunately, most people don’t get to live the life they truly want to live, because they can’t afford what they want… and they don’t understand the principles of money or abundance, including the idea of “giving full value.” 

In this episode you’ll learn:


    • Why money is a misunderstood concept that’s difficult for most people to grasp—because it butts up against their belief system
    • Most people have a deep-seated belief that there’s a lack of money (and this idea goes against the laws of prosperity)
    • Why looking for bargains, cutting out coupons, and waiting for sales indicates that a person doesn’t understand how money works
    • When you search for a bargain or discount, you’re coming from a spirit of lack, rather than a spirit of abundance
    • Why I decided to no longer look for deals, bargains, coupons, or sales—if I want something, I just buy it and pay full price for it
    • The way you use money is all about your intent and your attitude towards it
    • How you can begin to master the principles of money and abundance by being willing to do things, based on cause and effect, to bring in whatever amount of money you want
    • To break free from a lack mindset around money, you have to start giving yourself a new experience. Start giving and receiving money in a new way. (You have to do both, not just one or the other.)


Give some, and receive some. Give full value, receive full value. Allow yourself to energetically open up to it—because when you’re fully open, the rewards are absolutely unbelievable.


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