The Successful Mind Podcast - Episode 512 - Never Apologize for What You Desire

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 512 – Never Apologize for What You Desire

In Working With the Law, Raymond Holliwell says that “God does not give us the spirit of fear, but of courage and a sound mind.”

Fear is not a bad thing, but we don’t want to be controlled by it. Instead, we want to be led by our desire. We must not make decisions based on fear—including the fear of being judged by other people.

In this episode you’ll learn:


    • When you make a decision, it’s as if the universe opens and it’s waiting for you to commit around your decision
    • The universe can’t change anything—whatever you decide, it receives and it begins to move into form, based on the level of your commitment to that idea
    • The first step to succeeding is to become “thoroughly saturated with the spirit of progress”
    • To succeed, you must have the desire to advance
    • The fact that you have a desire implies that you already have the power to do or accomplish that thing—it’s always speaking the truth of what you already have
    • The fact that you desire to succeed is evidence that you have the power to succeed
    • The only difference between someone who succeeds and someone who fails is whether they have a positive mental attitude or a negative one


Everything you achieve is about your commitment to consistent development. You cannot always change the circumstance you’re in. But you have the power to change your attitude around it. It’s not the size of the goal that makes the difference, but the commitment to doing the work that delivers the win.


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