The Successful Mind Podcast - Episode 523 - You Are the Author of Your Own Life Story - Part I

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 523 – You Are the Author of Your Own Life Story – Part I

In The Voice of Knowledge, Don Miguel Ruiz has a chapter called “The Storyteller.” In it, he questions everything about his beliefs about himself and invites us to do the same. 

Throughout our life, we all live in a story of our own creation, without even noticing it. We should question our beliefs about ourselves. Are they true? Or were these stories just passed down to us as “knowledge” from someone else? In today’s episode, I’m reading and teaching from this chapter. 

You’ll learn:


    • How more than 90% of the concepts we have stored in our minds are based on lies—especially the concepts we believe about ourselves 
    • How a “whole society of storytellers” existed before we were born—and how generation after generation of people shared their “knowledge” with us (which is really just stories of what they believe)
    • How the stories we are told (i.e., the knowledge we’re given) might not even be accurate—it’s often based on someone’s religion, superstition, or even witchcraft
    • We can’t ever truly know everything about a person; we can only know what we believe about them
    • There’s a whole side to every person that’s just theirs, that you don’t know (and I often tell people to “look at your secret thoughts” if you want to find out what you truly desire in life)
    • How you can reinvent yourself by changing the story you have about yourself


Our beliefs about who we are have incredible power over our life—even if those beliefs aren’t true. Ask yourself, “What do I believe about myself?” Most of us believe whatever the “storytellers” told us (i.e., our parents, teachers, society, etc.).

You have the power to change what you believe—and you can change the story you’re living. You’re the author of your own life.


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