The Successful Mind Podcast - Full Throttle Thursday - Recreational Manifestation

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 522 – Full Throttle Thursday – Recreational Manifestation

Throughout my life, I’ve had a history of being able to manifest the things I wanted, whether it was in business or other areas. In 1993, I had an obsession around fishing. However, I made the decision to give up that obsession, so that I could focus on my business and family interests. Because of my obsessive nature, I have to put all my energies into a specific direction (I can’t have them split). 

I closed the door on fishing and never considered doing it again…until the past two years, when the desire to own a boat and start fishing again showed up for me. Recently I manifested the boat I wanted—even when boat production has been delayed throughout the country.

In this episode, BT and I discuss:


    • Our interesting manifestation stories around boats, recreational vehicles, and the power of intention—and how our company has gone on a buying spree lately (especially with buying RVs)
    • How I manifested the perfect boat, in the color I wanted—but only AFTER I was about to settle for a different boat that I didn’t want
    • How I’ve had similar manifesting experiences with my Bentley, my Aston Martin, the house I live in on the water, our office, our team members, and even moving
    • How the universe wants you to have the things you want more than you want to have them (Wallace Wattles wrote about this in The Science of Getting Rich)
    • How BT and his wife, Steph Tuss, manifested their desired Airstream instead of settling for something they didn’t want 
    • Why you should pay close attention to your desire if it never goes away—because something else is trying to get in (you just have to let it come in)

Don’t give up on your dreams. If you feel an ‘itch’ to go out and do something—go out and do it. Stop waffling on it. Make the decision, take action, and get out there and do it today.


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