The Successful Mind Podcast - Episode 526 - What Makes You Feel Significant?

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 526 – Mindset Monday’s – What Makes You Feel Significant?

Many years ago, my mentor Bob Proctor made an observation about great salespeople. He said, “If you look at any salesperson who is really good, they have a completely different belief system and a different level of intensity about them than your average salesperson.”

To be successful, salespeople and business people MUST have an intense level of belief in something. What do you believe in? What’s your mission and purpose? When you approach your business, your life, your sales, and everything else with a passion—with a different level of intensity—you can have a significant impact in what you do.

To understand this, we can look at people who do missionary work. They need a high level of intensity and belief to be able to go somewhere and convert people to Christianity (or whatever religion they have). The amount of rejection and ridicule these folks get is unbelievably intense.

In today’s episode you’ll learn:


    • How I felt like I was on a mission (even before I started my business) because there was a sense of purpose for me
    • Everyone has a specific purpose—given to them by God—and it’s the reason why we’re all here
    • Your job is to discover your purpose inside of yourself, and nobody else can tell you what it is
    • Your purpose, mission, and how you help people should be where you get your significance and fulfillment from—by doing whatever you’re put here to do
    • Why you should love the work you’re doing, no matter what you’re doing, and do it to the best of your ability—because that’s what you have to offer humanity
    • Human beings need the cycle of “ups and downs,” which are a part of the law of rhythm 
    • Why we need to stay focused on our purpose—on the things we’re here to do—even during these strange times


When you know your purpose, you also know what NOT to get involved in, because it’s not part of your purpose.


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