Lessons on Leadership - Part III - Communication & Accountability: Sunshine Your Mistakes to Make Them Your Greatest Successes

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 531 – Lessons on Leadership – Part III – Communication & Accountability: Sunshine Your Mistakes to Make Them Your Greatest Successes

Today my CEO, Steph Tuss, and I are talking about communication and conflict. Most people avoid conflict because of things that happened in their childhood. They associate it with mom and dad fighting over something…a bar fight or physical alteration … a winner and a loser… or with someone being made wrong. All of these things can feel painful, dangerous, and unsafe, especially when you’re a child.

Many of our clients are afraid to hold people accountable in their business, because they don’t want conflict. However, being conflict averse  or conflict avoidant can bring your business to its knees.

Conflict is actually a good thing for business, because it brings out the best ideas . Disagreement, debate, different opinions, and different personalities are what bring about innovation. This can only happen through effective communication.

In this episode you’ll learn:


    • How the outside world reinforces the idea that you shouldn’t want to participate in conflict—because you could be canceled for speaking your opinion
    • Fundamentally, the US was built on the concept of freedom—to have a different opinion, have a different idea, to be heard, and to let the best idea win the day
    • Meritocracy means the best idea wins—not the most important person in the room wins; and you can’t get good ideas without conflict
    • Why conflict is required for commitment and buy-in on your team (because you can’t get someone’s commitment if they won’t voice their opinions)
    • How Steph brings a new idea to our team and wants the team to poke holes in it, and tell her why it won’t work and what could go wrong—so that she can see it from a different perspective (this is how we find our most innovative ideas)
    • Why our team has instilled the belief of “sun-shining your mistakes,” which means turning the light on your mistake (not sweeping it under the rug or hiding it from anyone)—because mistakes are an opportunity to grow and learn something new, so you get a different result


We should all embrace conflict in a business setting, and learn to nurture it in our companies. We should develop a healthy attitude around conflict, instead of trying avoid it or to change it to sooth our internal, emotional issues that we have about it.


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