Lessons on Leadership - Part IV - A Players vs B Players: How Tolerating an Adequate Team Will Destroy Your Business

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 532 – Lessons on Leadership – Part IV – A Players vs B Players: How Tolerating an Adequate Team Will Destroy Your Business

In business, tolerations are dangerous. The things you tolerate are keeping you from growing and moving forward. If you’re not growing, you’re dying.

One of the biggest tolerations business owners have is an adequate team filled with B-players or C-players. These are people who show up, do what’s necessary, then go home. An adequate player is concerned with, “How can we stay the same?”—not with innovation or doing what’s best for the company. This puts the brakes on your business.

You don’t want an adequate team. Instead, you want A-players who are above adequate. A-players are hungry. They’re looking at where they can do more. They solve their own problems and think through solutions before bringing problems to you. Someone once told me that a deck of cards only has so many Aces, and the problem with most people is that they try to turn every other card into an Ace.

In this episode, Steph Tuss and I discuss:


    • How most people are raised with the idea that you have to tolerate negativity, wrong thinking, or unnecessary suffering
    • How negative circumstances are an opportunity—like a flag pointing you in the direction of something that needs to be changed in your life 
    • How once you fix or remove a toleration, you can have an amazing outcome on the other side of it
    • The reason businesses don’t grow (hint: it’s because they spend all their time trying to take a Queen, a King, a Ten, a Jack, a Deuce, and turn it into an Ace)
    • The key characteristics of A-players—and why you can’t coach desire
    • Why you must hire early, and hire based on where you’re going, not based on where you are
    • Why business owners get emotional when hiring or firing people, or holding them accountable—and one of the main things you have to learn in business is to master your emotions

My company helps people move through difficulties in their businesses. When someone is stuck, we we start by looking at what they’re tolerating. The first question we ask is, “What are you in resistance to?” or, “What are you tolerating?” At the root of a toleration is a resistance to change something. 

Your underlying mindset must be to do what’s best for the company, even if this means firing or hiring people.


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