The Successful Mind Podcast - Episode 534 - What It Means To Be a Leader

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 534 – What It Means To Be a Leader

With everything going on in the country right now, we could all use more discussions on leadership. Today we’ve got Steph Tuss, CEO of Life is Now, Inc., on the podcast with her husband BT, and they’re discussing what it means to be a leader. 

Many leaders today expect their team and employees to follow through on things, yet they themselves fail to follow through on their own expectations—because they’re not “being their word.” As a leader, you have to learn to lead yourself. In business, you either sink or swim. Leadership is about getting yourself to do the things you really don’t feel like doing, or that feel uncomfortable.

In today’s episode you’ll learn:


    • How Steph was called “bossy” as a kid, and how she embraced the role of a leader from an early age, starting with her standing up to bullies on the playground 
    • How she became the face of the teacher’s union in California in her early 20s—and how her role as President of the Teacher’s Association came about because she was dissatisfied with how everything was run
    • Why Steph sees a “leader” not as someone who has authority, but as someone who represents other people; it’s not “you against them”—it’s you standing FOR them and WITH them
    • How Steph and Brandon’s weekly grocery budget was only $125, with nothing left over, while they were living in a small house in midwestern Wisconsin—and yet even at that time, Steph became aware of the need to invest in herself 
    • How she transitioned away from the classroom and into a leadership position in her own nutrition business—and quickly ramped up to making six figures, thanks to working with several mentors
    • The leadership lessonsSteph learned along the way, especially when it comes to leading yourself


Steph believes life and business are both an adventure. As with any adventure, there are risks. There are up times, down times, blown tires, heat waves—but there are also beautiful sunsets and sunrises. The idea is for you to enjoy the journey, develop yourself along the way, and develop other people. 

Regardless of what conflict happens along the way, it’s about knowing that “We’re going to be okay.” No matter what happens—every mistake, every misstep, every bad result—know that, “We’re going to be okay.”


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