The Successful Mind Podcast - Episode 533 - The Answer is Leadership

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 533 – Mindset Monday’s – The Answer is Leadership

People often tell me they want to make a quantum leap in their business. They want to know when things will get easier. When you ask for a quantum leap, understand that you’re also asking for a quantum leap in problems. They go hand in hand. Success doesn’t necessarily go hand in hand with things being easier.

Many people are looking for a great leader in their company, but they’re looking for it out of desperation. It’s like, “Please, someone just take this mess I’ve created off my plate.” No good leader wants that. They want an opportunity to take their talent and skills, and do something great with it that makes a difference in people’s lives. They’re looking for the potential to fulfill their dream.

Sometimes people will say, “I need to hire my own Steph Tuss.” My CEO, Steph, and I always laugh when we hear that. I don’t think people understand exactly what Steph does, or to the extent in which she does it. Most people have no idea what she went through to become the leader she is today—to be able to run our company in the way she does now.

If you want to “find your own Steph”…ask yourself, are you prepared to be that leader yourself? Are you willing to put in the time, money, and dedication that’s required?

In today’s episode you’ll learn:


    • The history of how Steph and I began working together, starting back in 2009—and how she was a consummate student, with a strong desire and passion to learn
    • How it takes a certain level of commitment to become a great leader 
    • Great leaders don’t just lead a company to a vision; they also manage and solve the “human” problems and conflicts that come up along the way
    • Just because you start your own business and have a product or service doesn’t make you a leader—leadership is something you must grow into, and be dedicated to mastering
    • Most people don’t want to quantum-leap their problems—they want to run away from them
    • A leader must walk in their own leadership (which is damn hard) before they can become a great leader of other people
    • All the things great leaders must be able to do


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