The Successful Mind Podcast - Episode 536 - Embrace the Imbalance

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 536 – Mindset Monday’s – Embrace the Imbalance

People often ask us how to create “balance” in their business—particularly between work and family. As a business owner and/or parent, you’re responsible for so many different things. Whether you’re devoting time to a marriage, a family, a job, your church, your civic duties, or social interests—everything requires a certain time investment from you, for it to be effective.

When a person starts a business, that requires almost all of their time in order to be successful, especially in the beginning when they’re bootstrapping and doing everything themselves.

In this episode my CEO, Steph Tuss, and I discuss:


    • Why searching for “balance” is often a way to avoid feeling guilty—and how the search for balance is really someone looking for comfort 
    • The phenomenon of “mom guilt”—and how parents can be emotionally torn between wanting to grow their business, and being afraid to take time away from their kids (so they end up using their kids as an excuse not to grow)
    • How being “out of balance” means discomfort
    • How you can eliminate feeling “off balance” by putting proper boundaries in place—when you’re working, you’re working; when you’re with your family, you’re with your family
    • Why you must adjust your goals based on your responsibilities and the things that are important to you
    • How Steph planned for imbalance as a mom, wife, and leader—and this helped her stay married
    • How being a people-pleaser and a peacekeeper can make you lose sense of who you really are—so it’s important to carve time out to be by yourself and to know what’s important to you


Just like with nature, there are seasons in your business. There are times when you’re planting seeds, setting yourself up, and things feel more quiet. Then there are times when you’re harvesting, and things are hectic. There’s no way to achieve balance when you’re harvesting—and you wouldn’t want to, because you want to capitalize on the opportunity in the moment. 

If you’re at a flat line all year long, there’s no innovation, challenge, or adversity. Imbalance in business is what drives innovation. For that reason, you must welcome the discomfort that comes with owning your business. Embrace it, and get comfortable being uncomfortable.


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