The Successful Mind Podcast - Episode 540 - Saying Yes Creates More

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 540 – Mindset Monday’s – Saying Yes Creates More

Have you wanted to do something for a very long time? Have wanted to move somewhere, buy something, or do something for no reason other than, “I want it”? If so, then follow that desire—even if it’s something small. This expands your life and opens up incredible opportunities for you. In short, saying yes matters.

People often tell my CEO, Steph Tuss, “I’ve wanted this thing for a long time. I can feel it in my body. On the surface it seems silly, but I’ve always wanted it.”

Steph’s response to them is, “By when will you have it?” Most people come up with excuses on why they can’t do it. But it’s just a decision.

In this episode, we discuss:


    • How getting the thing you want, pushes against some of your old values that no longer serve you
    • How the universe expands to meet you—and brings you more opportunities—when you take action on your desire 
    • Why it’s not the thing you want that matters—it’s the reason WHY you’re saying yes or no to it that makes the difference
    • How purchasing something you want that’s unrelated to business will absolutely have an impact on your business 
    • Steph’s story of deciding to move to Maryland 11 years ago into a house at a much higher price point than her family was used to, and how everything in her life expanded as a result of this decision
    • How your environment impacts your growth
    • Why the phrase, “You don’t need that” shuts down a person’s desire 


If you’ve been wanting to do something for a long time, do it. Book the trip. Buy the Rolex. Get the house you want. Make a decision to do something that will cause you to grow. Allow yourself to follow your desire. The universe will open up incredible opportunities for you.

The Universe gives us exactly what we ask for.  It just comes down to making a decision, and doing something for expansion.

If you’re willing to do whatever it takes to pay for that thing, then set a date by when you’ll have it. And follow through. You’ll be amazed at what changes for you.


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