The Successful Mind Podcast - Full Throttle Thursday - Sam Harris & The Death of Reason

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 541 – Full Throttle Thursday – Sam Harris & The Death of Reason

Sam Harris is a public intellectual and brilliant thought leader with many strong opinions. For years, he’s tried to present a rational argument for atheism. I love learning from people I disagree with, and while I disagree with Sam on many things—I respect that he’s tried to figure out how we can have a good moral value system without religion.

Sam is supposed to be an intelligent guy who can think rationally. Last week, he was on the TRIGGERnometry Podcast with Konstantin Kisin and Francis Foster. On that show, I saw Sam not thinking rationally. He was extremely biased to the point of destruction. Instead of using reason, he entered into the world of judgment.

Some of the things he said about Donald Trump is complete derangement. Sam said that the Trump University scandal is worse than colluding with China, Russia, and having hookers, Coke, crack, and dead babies in the basement. He’s basically saying that anything Trump could do is worse than all of the above—and that statement isn’t rational. 

You can see the look on Konstantin’s face—like, “I can’t believe I’m hearing this.” Konstantin and Francis give Sam multiple opportunities to fix this as it’s happening in real time. And Sam just keeps doubling down. It’s a fascinating view into human thought.

Today, BT and I discuss:


    • Why it’s dangerous to stay locked into your own point of view without hearing other people’s viewpoints
    • How we’re living in a world where reason is being thrown down the toilet (we can’t even figure out what a boy or a girl is anymore)
    • How the United States constitution is designed so that everybody gets a voice—and yet many people think free speech is a four-letter word and that we shouldn’t have it
    • How the human brain gets warped to the point where, in a democratic society, it becomes okay to disrupt a person being elected into office 
    • Why I think Sam Harris has a blind spot—because in his mind, a person of higher education can’t be a moron, but anybody who doesn’t have a higher education can be


When it comes to the upcoming election, we all have emotional issues around it. But can we stick to reason or is this the death of reason?


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