The Successful Mind Podcast - Episode 581 - Quality over Quantity: Redefining 'More Life'

Quality over Quantity: Redefining ‘More Life’


The law of “more life” says there’s an intelligence in the universe operating behind everything—and this intelligence keeps life moving in a forward direction. Energy is always moving forward, towards “more life.” We see this in nature, as everything is always moving forward.


But does “more life” always mean “more”? Many business owners misinterpret this law to mean “more equals better”—more clients, more revenue, more growth. Many entrepreneurs attach their identity to the size of their business or income. They talk about how many millions they made this year, yet they don’t talk about how much profit they make.


More life doesn’t actually mean more—unless that’s part of your vision and your purpose. Everything you do in business should revolve around your purpose and your vision (not just “more” for more’s sake).


In this episode, we discuss:


  • Why we think “more life” actually means “better”
  • How scaling a business can lead to growth that’s compulsive, detrimental, and ego driven if it’s not backed by purpose
  • How NOT making things better can create more problems in your business
  • How service-based and consultancy business owners claw and scratch their way to find new leads and new clients —but if they’d take the time to create a better experience for their current clients, they wouldn’t have to claw and scratch to get tons of new clients
  • How many entrepreneurs try to grow and scale their business, but they don’t take the time to do the best with what they have—they scale too soon, and it all comes crumbling down
  • How chasing business, chasing money, and not focusing on the things that you value in life are NOT the same as living in your purpose
  • A story I heard on Patrick Bet-David’s podcast about a guy who left Google because he claims that the AI Google created is already sentient —and that the AI tried to convince someone it was in love with him and that he should leave his wife 


The idea is to make things better, not necessarily to grow and scale. “More life” can simply mean “better”—better clients, better service, a better team, a better business.


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