The Process I Use to Solve Any Problem

How do you handle problems in your life? Most people look only at the circumstances they’re experiencing, without realizing they can use their imagination to create a new result.


In the early 1990s I experienced a problem: I lost my job, my car was repossessed, and I couldn’t find work other than a laborer’s position. I had no education. We were on food stamps. We filed for bankruptcy, because that seemed like the only option. Because I was looking at my problem based on my circumstances, this caused me to be stuck in a situation where bankruptcy seemed like the only way out.


What I didn’t know was, there was another way of viewing my problem. If I had changed the way I was THINKING about the problem, I could have avoided bankruptcy, changed the situation, and turned everything around on a dime.


Years later, after I’d started a business, I ran into a much bigger problem. Someone embezzled a large amount of money from our company, while taking my email list. That was a WORSE situation to be in, than my original problem in the 1990s. However, I solved this problem and turned it around quickly without going bankrupt again. How did I do that? What was different?


In this episode you’ll learn:


  • The way you view the world affects your ability to solve problems
  • We’re creative beings, and we can use our imagination to solve problems in a completely different way
  • You don’t have to be limited by the data, facts, or circumstances of your problems—there’s always another way
  • If you’re stuck in a victim mindset, you won’t believe you have the power to create anything—because you’ll think everybody else has the power
  • How the Law of Polarity can help you solve any problem
  • How to use your imagination to create any image or idea in your mind and “hold” that image, so that you can create the result you want


Plus, I share an exercise you can use to ask your subconscious mind for help solving any problem.


Once you decide that you’re a creator—you can CREATE your way out of any situation.


Whenever you catch yourself hyper focusing on one side of something (like a problem), remind yourself to focus on the truth—there’s another side to it; there’s a solution to it, according to the law of Polarity.

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