The Clubhouse Sessions - Get Off the Revenue Rollercoaster

The Clubhouse Sessions: Get Off the Revenue Rollercoaster

Welcome to The Clubhouse Sessions!  On today’s episode I’m joined by my CEO Steph Tuss to provide you with tips and tricks to Get Off the Revenue Rollercoaster

In a recent room hosted on the Clubhouse application, the two of us explored why the revenue rollercoaster phenomenon happens, what you need to do in order to breakthrough it, and ways to create consistent cash flow to grow and scale your business.

For those who find themselves struggling from month to month, lacking the consistency required to take your business to the next level, you’ve probably asked yourself more than once, “What the hell is going on? Why is my income up one month and down the next? How can I make this easier?” 

To the many thousands of people I’ve talked to over the years that have struggled with this problem, not one person has ever connected the issue to their mindset, specifically their subconscious mind.  To be honest, had I not gone through the training I did so many years ago, I would have never known that either.

It’s time to talk about the real truth around this revenue rollercoaster problem and how the patterns you adopted long ago are controlling your perception, essentially choking off your ability to consistently bring in cash.  We’ll dive into the concept of the financial set point and how it shows up in your life.  


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At this time, Clubhouse is only available to iOS users and is “invitation only”.  To join David on future Clubhouse sessions, once you access the platform, search “David Neagle” on the home dashboard, be sure to follow, and tap the bell icon.  That way every time he starts a meeting or is speaking in other rooms you will be notified.  

Do you find yourself repelling sales and living from month to month with little or not consistency in your business? If you said YES. I’d like to invite you to a FREE four hour workshop I’ll be hosting on this very topic – How the financial set point & the revenue rollercoaster ties directly into your sales results.  This FREE training is happening Tuesday, April 13th. For more information and an invitation to join me simply go to my Instagram page, send me a direct message with the word CASHFLOW, and I’ll take it from there.  Do that and you’ll know you’ve just taken the step to create more consistent cashflow in your business.  All it takes is a decision…

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