Successful Mind Podcast- What’s The Truth - Growing Your Business From Zero To Hero

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 317 – What’s The Truth? – Growing Your Business From Zero to Hero

Welcome to this episode of What’s The Truth?. Today, I sit down with Meaghan and offer up strategies in order to help her achieve financial success in her startup coaching business.  By providing a simple tweak to her marketing language and realizing she is worth asking for more, she is given the key to unlocking exponential growth moving forward.  Add to that some very loud subconscious program that is continually running in the background, you begin to realize just how close you are to receiving the breakthrough you desire.   

Through providing your audience with authenticity, either through social media channels or personal video messages, you not only inspire others but also get in front of the people who will propel your business ahead of where it is now.  If you are an entrepreneur who struggles with a consistent brand message and having difficulties finding the right clients, you’re going to want to tune into this.    

On today’s episode, you’ll learn more about:

    • The power that comes with having a clear message in your marketing
    • What the shame spiral is and how it affects your growth without even knowing it
    • Why raising your prices is the fastest path to growing your business
    • And so much more …


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