The Successful Mind Podcast - The Ghosts of Our Past

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 318 – The Ghosts of Our Past

We find ourselves just a few days out from the Christmas holiday . For some it is the most wonderful time of the year, filled with the traditions, the music, and the general revelry that embodies the spirit of the season.  For others, this couldn’t be any further from their experience.  The unrealistic expectations, the financial pressures, and the excessive commitments that inevitably lead to stress and anxiety. Whether you celebrate the holidays or not, in this episode I want to teach a very specific idea that can allow each of us to find the joy and happiness in our life, not just this time of the year but all the year long.

If you observe nature, it goes about its business thriving with the livingness of itself. Humans on the other hand carry around the trauma, the grief, and the pain of experiences not just in the moment but long after that moment has passed. It does not carry the pain in which it experiences with and through its next existence. The main difference is that nature moves on while humans seem content to sit in discomfort, judging their behavior over and over again.

Very small children, before they’ve gotten too much programming from their parents, will have an experience and  throw a tantrum right in the middle of the floor.  Interestingly enough, when this dramatic outpouring of  emotion has run its course and the child has expressed his/her feelings physically, it’s over and they go about their day. There’s no story. There’s no harboring resentment around the problem. It’s a complete and total release of the energy.  Like the character of Elsa, from Disney’s hit film Frozen, said…Let. It Go! Let go of the frustration, the anger, the fear, the grief, and the sadness.  Only then will you experience true freedom.

On today’s episode I explore:

    • The natural state of being that resides in all of us but has been suppressed for far too long
    • How tapping into your higher self allows for the release you desire
    • The curse of suppressed emotions and how when bottled up inevitably leads to a blow up
    • A few vital tools you can start implementing right now to ensure you aren’t caught up in the stress and anxiety of the holidays


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