The Successful Mind Podcast - Episode 323 - Lessons To Live By - Embracing Opulence & Beauty In Your Life

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 323 – Lessons To Live By – Embracing Opulence & Beauty In Your Life

As you already know by being an avid listener of the show, one of my favorite authors is Thomas Troward.  My absolute favorite work by him is titled The Spirit of Opulence & Beauty and is a great study on the subjects of prosperity and personal growth. It can be a little difficult to understand since it was written in he early 1900s, but today, I’m here to simplify it.

By diving deeper into this impactful work, you’ll discover that you really need to live and enjoy the successes you experience in life. In order to get there it is necessary to think opulence — largely, generously, and liberally with no limits!  I have to warn you though, you’ll be asked to question what you think beauty is in your life and the lessons you were taught around it, be that good or bad.

On this episode, you’ll realize that:

    • The meaning of sacrifice and why giving up something of a lower nature to gain something of a higher nature is imperative to growth
    • Everything you desire is necessary to ascend to the next level in life
    • Beauty represents the most supreme quality of thought & harmony


It’s time to beautify your life, rid yourself of shame and guilt, and prepare yourself for a life of absolute opulence.


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