Movers & Shakers - Episode 330 - Sloane - The Daring Life Society

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 330 – Movers & Shakers – Sloane – Daring Life Society

Sloane is a former business attorney turned core belief consultant. Just a few years ago, she successfully scaled her boutique law firm in Santa Monica to over 400 happy clients while working 1,000 hours per year and traveling the world. 

She attributes her firm’s success to delivering a superb client experience and being her client’s partner in business, not just a voice in legal expertise. Having been behind the scenes of hundreds of businesses – she had a unique vantage point to catch blind spots in profitability, operations, and her client’s mindset around it all. 

After coaching hundreds of clients to help them through their toughest business challenges – Sloane sold her firm to pursue her heart’s calling. She is now a core belief consultant to ambitious women who are ready to expand beyond conventional possibilities and live fully while creating even more success in business.

In this Movers & Shakers episode, Sloane shares the years spent diligently laying the groundwork that lead her to retooling her consultant business to focus on women and empowering her clients to tap into their inner warrior.  She also shares thoughts around the difference between men and women in terms of growing a business and how the current shift in the landscape is a promising one from an equality perspective. Working harder is not the answer, but having a clear goal, the passion to work towards it and the ability to push through when things become difficult inevitably leads to a more fulfilled life.


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