The Successful Mind Podcast - Episode 331 - Raymond Holliwell & the Law of Forgiveness

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 332 – Raymond Holliwell & The Law of Forgiveness

Today, I’m going to go through Law of Forgiveness based on Raymond Holliwell’s book, Working With The Law. The link between gratitude and forgiveness makes a tremendous amount of sense and today, and you’re going to see how this applies to your life.

In this episode, learn how forgiveness can:

    • Allow flow and growth to take place
    • Heal the physical body
    • Liberate sins and mistakes
    • Release thoughts of fear and guilt
    • Lift you from debt to abundance
    • And so much more …


Understanding and living based on the Law of Forgiveness is life-changing and forges a successful mindset that can carry you through even the most difficult times in your life. Forgiveness will bring forth the bigness of character life calls for, and through forgiveness lessons of life are learned. This poem sums it up perfectly…


That slight misdeed of yesterday, why should it mar today?
The thing he said, the thing you did, have long since passed away; 

For yesterday was but a trial; today you will succeed,
And from mistakes of yesterday will come some noble deed. 

Forgive yourself for thoughtlessness, do not condemn the past;
For it is gone with its mistakes; their mem’ry cannot last; 

Forget the failures and misdeeds, from such experience rise,
Why should you let your head be bowed, Lift up your heart and eyes! 


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