The Successful Mind Podcast - Episode 333 - The Psychology of Sales

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 333 – The Psychology of Sales

When you’re having a sales call with someone, it’s not a normal conversation. It’s a special conversation that requires you to conduct yourself as an authority, so that you can direct the other person’s (i.e., the prospect’s) thinking.

The psychology of selling is about understanding what’s actually going on with the other person, and what’s going on in yourself during the call. Having done sales training for 20 years, I’ve taught thousands of entrepreneurs and business people about the psychology of sales . I see so many people making common mistakes during sales calls that disrupt their ability to help the other person, let alone sell. In this episode, I share the most important concepts you can use to speed up your skill of selling.

If more entrepreneurs knew these ideas upfront when they first started learning how to sell, it would greatly speed up their skill set much quicker.

If you struggle with sales, once you understand this information, it will straighten out your sales quite a bit and allow you to get to mastery much faster.

In this episode you’ll learn:

    • Why seeing yourself as an “authority” is a must during a sales call—and how to avoid bringing any “weird energy” to the call
    • The #1 most important question to answer during a sales call (and why interjecting your thoughts about it can disrupt your ability to sell!)
    • How to use questions in the correct way when in a sales conversation (because we’re all programmed to answer questions!)
    • The top mistake amateur salespeople make during a call (hint: it has to do with distracting the potential prospect!)
    • What to do before a sales call to make sure you show up grounded and ready to help the other person
    • Why “awkward silences” during a sales call can be powerful, if used correctly
    • How to conduct yourself during a sales conversation so that the other person sets you apart in their mind as someone rare whom they trust

Every single thing you say and do on a sales call causes a psychological and physical reaction to occur in the person you’re presenting to—and I mean everything you do. Whether you’re on Zoom, in person, or on a phone call, learn how to master yourself during these calls, so you can start strengthening your sales conversations today!

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