Movers & Shakers - Episode 334 - Hillary Walsh - New Frontier Immigration

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 334 – Movers & Shakers – Hillary Walsh – Your Sh*t Matters

Hillary Walsh is an award-winning, nationally-renowned immigration attorney. She’s a published author and a law professor at one of the top law schools in the nation, and she’s a wildly successful entrepreneur. Her mission is to help others give meaning to their painful past, so they can start living the life they couldn’t even imagine before.

In this Movers & Shakers episode, Hillary shares her story of childhood abuse and trauma, and how she uses her past to help immigrants who are facing similar abuse, but in different formats. Abuse tends to be generational, and it’s ingrained into a family cycle. Growing up in rural Kansas, Hillary was severely beaten and put in foster care. Her rock-bottom moment came when she engaged with the legal system for the first time… where she learned that often, “The client has no voice.” 

Many of her immigration clients are abused by their U.S. citizen spouse, or even by their kids, who use their undocumented, illegal status as leverage over their parents. She’s seen kids threatening to call ICE on their parents, and manipulating them to get what they want. Hillary uses these difficult situations to have hard conversations that result in positive changes.  This is how she helps her clients give meaning to their pain.

Hillary believes there’s a purpose for everything we’ve been through. By being vulnerable and sharing  our “rock-bottom moments,” we can serve other people.


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