The Successful Mind Podcast - Inside Episode 333 - The Psychology of Sales

The Successful Mind Podcast – Inside Episode 333 – The Psychology of Sales

Many entrepreneurs and business owners avoid selling because they don’t want to be associated with “sleazy salespeople” or unethical selling tactics. We all want to avoid being a bad salesperson.

But can you grow a business without selling?

Today, BT and I go inside Episode 333 – The Psychology of Sales — and we delve into why so many people are averse to selling. Most of us didn’t hear positive messages about salespeople while we were growing up… and we’ve all had bad experiences with salespeople at some point. This shapes a person’s ability to sell later in life. 

If you’re not making sales, you’re not making money and you have no business. It’s one thing to know how to have sales calls; it’s quite another to actually do them on a regular basis. Most entrepreneurs either avoid making sales … or they bring nervous energy to their sales calls and sabotage their ability to sell.

If you’re an entrepreneur who is struggling with sales, don’t miss today’s episode!

We explore:

    • How the fear of rejection stops people from selling
    • Why you should get past your need for acceptance, so that hearing a “no” doesn’t psychologically screw with your head
    • How to tame nervous, misdirected energy on a sales call—and instead show up cool, calm, and direct, while understanding this conversation is a tool; it has a purpose
    • Why “dealing with objections” and “building rapport during sales calls” can be a trap
    • Why you should avoid “telling” people anything in a sales call—and what to do instead
    • The mindset to adopt if you want to skyrocket your sales
    • How to be mindful about the energy you’re bringing to each sales call. Train your mind to do the right things during a call—and put your success all on you.

I also share a terrible experience I had with a car salesman that I’ll never forget! (It was when I was young and had just gotten out of the army.) Give the episode a listen and find out what happened!

No matter what happens in your business, there’s always an opportunity to sell. No matter what you’re selling, you’re having an impact on another human being. This is an amazing idea, and you can train your mind to see it that way.

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