The Successful Mind Podcast - Episode 340 - You Can’t Be a Winner if You’re Not in a Fight

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 340 – You Can’t Be a Winner if You’re Not in a Fight

Everyone wants to be a winner in life. But we can’t actually be a winner if we’re not in a fight.

All of us are all in a fight or battle to be successful in life. Our main battle is to overcome ourselves—the parts of us that need to be reconditioned in order to be successful.

To live our dream, we need to expand our thinking, build new skill sets, and create more engagement in the direction we’re going. All of that requires a battle.

Today’s episode is a lesson on how to do battle with “the enemy. ” The enemy I’m referring to is your subconscious mind. There’s no “power” out in the universe that’s preventing you from getting what you want or that’s against you, trying to make your life miserable. The real enemy is your programmed mind. 

You’ll learn:

    • How the enemy uses five specific weapons to keep you stuck and prevent you from moving forward
    • Five tools you can use to overcome the enemy, win the battle, and create the life you want
    • How to maintain your peace while you’re growing, engaging with the world, and getting better at being successful
    • The “three types of peace” related to God or spirituality 
    • The real meaning of faith and how it affects your ability to get the results you want
    • Two characters—the lion and the pig—one of them aggressively goes out and creates the world they want; the other is in either denial or vindictive about their life and they stay stuck (which one are you?)

I believe each person was put here to be something exceptional in their life. We’re here for a reason and a purpose—to live our divine destiny.

There’s a certain sense of peace that comes with knowing everything you do, and everything you experience (even if it’s something painful or that you don’t like) is actually adding to life. That means we can rest in the idea that everything we’re going through is for our own growth.

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