The Successful Mind Podcast - Episode 351 - Ignore Conventional Approaches

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 351 – Ignore Conventional Approaches

If you rely merely on “reasonable approaches” to get what you want in life, then you’ll experience reasonable performance gains. 

But if you want a quantum leap, you have to take a totally different approach—one that involves ignoring unconventional approaches. This idea comes from Price Pritchett’s book, You2. 

One way to ignore conventional approaches is to “make a decision first.” When you want to create something different in your life, you must focus on what you want—not on how you’re going to do it. The “how” is God’s job. Our job is to make a decision about what we want. Conventional thinking is about waiting until you know “how” first, before doing something you want to do.

The decision must come first. Once you make the decision, the way to do it manifests itself in your life.

In this episode I cover:

    • Why visualizing your heart’s desire is so powerful
    • How to put yourself on the same frequency as the thing you want
    • Why “raising your vibration” doesn’t really do anything (and what’s really required to get what you want)
    • How to change your internal paradigm and belief system, so you can get different results
    • The difference between lower frequency thoughts and higher frequency thoughts
    • The principle that, “Nothing unworthy of God is worthy of you”
    • How to move from chaos to order and clarity in your mind


I also share my story of buying a new Bentley Continental without test-driving it and without knowing (or caring about) the price—because it’s what I wanted.

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