The Successful Mind Podcast - Inside Episode 351 - Ignore Conventional Approaches

The Successful Mind Podcast – Inside Episode 351 – Ignore Conventional Approaches

Today BT and I go deeper into what it means to “ignore conventional approaches.”

As human beings, our greatest power is our ability to choose. Our job is to decide what we want. God’s job is to figure out “how” it will happen.

We already know how many things work—mathematics, science, chemistry, the universe, the stars, electricity, etc. How these things work has already been established.

But when someone says, “I need to know how everything works” before they go after their desire—that’s usually a control issue for most people. They’re trying to avoid failure, embarrassment, and ridicule. They want to determine in advance whether or not they’re going to fail before they make the decision, so they don’t look foolish. 

Instead of trying to control how things happen, we need to decide to do something.

In this episode you’ll learn: 

    • What it means to “practice doing the right things”
    • What to shift in your mindset if you’re making your growth challenging right now, or if you you feel stuck
    • How God uses our desire to speak to us and give direction to our life
    • Why you should never sit around and allow the circumstances of the world to determine who you’re going to be
    • We learn and grow by making mistakes
    • When you make a decision, you open yourself up to all the information available in the universe, so that you raise your level of awareness and understand “how” to do something


I also explain how to use faith to build yourself up to the point where you believe you can have whatever you desire.

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