The Successful Mind Podcast - Inside 318 - The Ghosts of Our Past

The Successful Mind Podcast – Inside Episode 318 – The Ghosts of Our Past

Today, David & BT go inside Episodes 318 – The Ghosts of Our Past.   David talks more about happiness is not only a choice but an awareness to be achieved, what role survivor mode plays in your day-to-day, and that the conditioning you received from the ghosts in your past are alive and kicking in  your life.   David also shares more about the mindset shift needed to take the emotional charge out of any situation. 

The truth is that many of us are afraid to experience the pain that comes with being human and getting to our natural state being. That natural state, believe it or not, is one of peace, love, and joy.  If you want to achieve that on a regular basis, you have to be willing to let go of pain and release it in a healthy way.  To do so involves a purge of judgment and a release of  shame and guilt.  This is when acceptance rules the day.


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