The Successful Mind Podcast - Inside Episode 338 - My Three Friends

The Successful Mind Podcast – Inside Episode 338 – My Three Friends

Most of us, myself included, never had any instruction on how to discern the character of a friend or anyone we meet in life. We were taught to see people as “nice” or a “jerk”—but this doesn’t mean anything, nor does it tell us about their character.

On the last episode, I shared how there are 3 types of important people who will come into our life: confidants, constituents, and comrades. Understanding the difference between these, and knowing the roles they play in your life, is the foundation for success.

In today’s episode we’ll dive deeper into:


    • Why the character of the people in your life is so important
    • How to know if a person is truly a confidant or not —and why treating a “constituent” like a “confidant” is the cause of so much pain and turmoil in people’s relationships!
    • Discerning a person’s secret motivations—why they’re in a relationship with you, what they’re trying to get from you, or what they’re trying to help you with
    • Knowing how much to share with certain people in your life
    • Getting to know yourself better and finding out if you’re a confidant, constituent, or comrade to yourself


Relationships are so important. Most of us weren’t taught how to properly evaluate relationships, and so we’ve suffered through very challenging issues.

This episode will help you understand why so many things went wrong with certain people in your life… and why so many things went right with certain people.

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