The Successful Mind Podcast - Inside Episode 349 - Quit Trying Harder

The Successful Mind Podcast – Inside Episode 349 – Quit Trying Harder

Most of us were taught that working hard and putting your best effort forward are the keys to success. While those are both great things, we were also taught that if something isn’t working, we should “try harder.” And if a task seems impossible, we should apply sheer, brute force to it.

Trying harder isn’t always the best course of action. Nor does it necessarily get us where we want to go. Many people don’t see the bigger picture of what they’re doing, and because of this, they fail.

In today’s episode BT and I go deeper into Price Pritchett’s concept of “Quit Trying Harder” (from his book, You2). Pritchett isn’t suggesting that we get rid of hard work altogether. Instead, he says it’s about being more efficient in your efforts to bring in what you want—whether it’s money, opportunities, more business, or anything else.

Just like the fly who repeatedly bangs itself against the window, attempting to get out (all the while, an open door is nearby), if we could change our perspective about our situation, we could become more efficient at what we’re doing. We could get the result we want with less effort.

Instead of forcing and pushing, we need to use our intellect, think differently, and see things differently. This allows us to use leverage and make things easier. It’s about doing more with a little less effort…so we can create different results.

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