The Successful Mind Podcast - Episode 559 - Advice is Too Cheap

Advice is Too Cheap

Advice is cheap and rampant on social media today. Many coaches and consultants are giving advice on things they’re not qualified to speak on. They’re not demonstrating results in those areas. They have no experience in what they’re speaking on, and they’re trying to teach on things they’ve never implemented, tried, tested, or used themselves. This is why advice is cheap.

The truth is, advice isn’t worth anything unless you raise your standard and change your mindset—so you can actually use the advice. 

In today’s episode, Steph and I discuss:


    • How people ask for advice and expect the person they’re asking o agree with their problem and come down to their level—but the truth is, you have to climb the ladder of achievement and discipline to rise up to THEIR level
    • How our childhood affects our ability to distinguish between good advice and bad advice 
    • How making the wrong decisions in business and relationships can cause a lot of pain
    • Why we teach our clients to look at life through the lens of what they want to build and create for their future vision 
    • A nasty experience I had years ago where I lost $5 million AND my email lis, because I wouldn’t spend $1300 to pay a lawyer to review a contract (I thought I could read it myself)
    • Steph’s experience losing $100k when she tried to create a software program that nobody wanted—she didn’t do any market research, didn’t have an agreement with her developer, and went in blind, thinking she could do it all herself


Communication can be so painful for people, especially in business—to say what you want to say, ask for what you need, or ask for clarity. People are so afraid of what others will think of them—they end up giving their power away instead of asking for help and getting the correct advice.

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