The Successful Mind Podcast - Episode 560 - The Secret to Closing More Sales

The Secret to Closing More Sales

If you want to know the secret to closing more sales and have a consistent stream of income, you need to turn sales into a discipline—an ongoing process and habit in your business. 

Inconsistent sales is a systemic problem. It reflects your mindset, urgency level, and skillset around sales. It also reflects your marketing and marketing cycle. Some businesses have a short marketing cycle, while others don’t see sales until 3-6 months after they’ve completed a marketing campaign. You need to know your market and your metrics in order to understand your marketing cycle. 

In today’s episode, Steph and I discuss:


    • How business owners get too comfortable, drag their feet, and delay in setting up systems and hiring the right people (which would create consistency in sales)
    • How people take their foot off the gas because they get distracted—and this shows up in their sales one, two, or three months down the road
    • Why you should know how to do sales yourself, before you bring on a salesperson 
    • The two most important skills in sales—listening and knowing what questions to ask 
    • Why you should shut up during a sales conversation—and after the person answers your question, you should ask them another question


Salespeople are the highest paid profession in the world. If you’re a competent sales person, there’s no limit to how much money you can earn. 

Sales is a skill that involves listening, being quiet, quieting the voice in your mind with all the chatter going on—so you can really be present and hear what this person is telling you, and then be able to think through a response that’s adequate for moving them in the direction of “yes” or “no.

It takes discipline to keep the sales machine running. Dan Kennedy said that every day, you should do at least one activity that is a future sales-generating activity. Close a sale every day. Turn this into a habit in your business.


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