Episode 049: Movers & Shakers – Chris Winfield – a.k.a the “Super Connector”

I’m excited to announce another episode in my Movers & Shakers series, where I feature amazing people who are making a huge impact in not only their lives but the lives of others.

This week I’m pleased to share a recent sit-down with my good friend Chris Winfield. Chris – known as the “Super Connector,” is the Founder of Unfair Advantage and a regular columnist for Entrepreneur and INC. His message is simple (yet brilliant) – looking out for yourself will only get you so far, but building relationships will get you further.

In the short time I’ve known Chris I’ve seen the extreme passion he brings to everything he does. His journey, much like others before him, was not about the new house or the new car, but rather about the joy he gets from helping others and finding the key to happiness in the most unlikely of places.

There are three rules Chris lives by every day, something that came from a promise he made to himself in a moment of clarity while his daughter was microwaving her own dinner. I can’t wait for him to share them with you.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The biggest challenge for individuals when expanding their reach through public relations
  • The 3 Rules that Chris lives by every day that adds to the value of his life and the lives of others
  • How to leverage your social media presence into REAL relationships

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Chris Winfield – Business Relationship Expert


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8 thoughts on “Episode 049: Movers & Shakers – Chris Winfield – a.k.a the “Super Connector””

    1. My pleasure Line, thank you for being a loyal listener. Wasn’t Chris fantastic! Love that guy!

  1. I listened to this twice…did Chris ever tell us what his Rules #2 and #3 are? If so, I missed them. Maybe I couldn’t hear them…yet. 🙂


    1. Give it another listen Sylvia and see if they are there. Knowing how Chris’s brilliant mind works he may have said them within the context of a story or left them out purposely to let you fill in the blanks yourself. Happy listening! (and studying…)

  2. Really enjoyed your conversation and personalities, and parts of your “ordinary” “the real side” of your story. Also, on your blog, Chris, the waking up early idea to write a thank you note every morning really jolted me into “seeing” me doing that, and taking it further by walking the message to the mailbox every morning.

    I work with clients on Live Video, and meet people “face to face” by video. Would you consider that a step further towards building relationships if I’m not out and about so much lately?

    1. Thanks for the question Melody. A touch is a touch, and whether it is through the written word or via video, it’s a powerful device to increase connection. Go with what you feel is most authentic to you, because at the end of the day you are connecting with your people on a whole different level. Get after it!

  3. Jeanette Williams

    Your comments at the end about owning your own decisions and allowing it to be successful or a mistake. If it’s a mistake it’s my experience to learn from. This was a golden nugget for me. I’m so grateful. I have gotten in a comfort place that is really not comfortable anymore. The fear of stepping forward has been just as great. I’m taking baby steps forward. This encourages me to keep moving. Thank you

    1. Golden nuggets abound in this podcast Jeanette, thanks for the post. Even a baby step is a step. Keep. Moving. Forward!

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