The Successful Mind Podcast- Lessons From The Vault - Overwhelm & Bright Shiny Object Syndrome

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 390 – Lessons From The Vault: Overwhelm & Bright Shiny Object Syndrome

In order to bring wealth into our life, we need to focus on the end result. It’s often said that if we focus on something, we’ll either attract it to us—or we’ll manifest an opportunity to get it.

While that’s true, we also need to have a “vehicle” (such as a business) through which to bring in wealth. Without some kind of vehicle in place, wealth can’t come in. 

In today’s episode you’ll learn:


    • Why you can’t count on random money to consistently show up “out of the blue”
    • You have to have a vehicle (e.g., a business) in order to create wealth—and you have to be entirely focused on growing that vehicle
    • Why the feeling of overwhelm shows up, and what it’s an indication of
    • How to prioritize what needs to be done and remove the drama and emotion from whatever you’re dealing with
    • Why a so-called “easier path” is often bright, shiny object syndrome in disguise—and a distraction that creates more problems
    • One question to ask yourself whenever you’re getting distracted 


To reach a specific end result, you need to move forward within the “vehicle” you’ve chosen to grow. Bright, shiny object syndrome attacks you where you’re weak. It’s often your subconscious mind trying to get you to go a different way, when you already have a sound plan in place.

The distraction protects you, so that you don’t have to grow. It promises to be easier—when really, you’ll be headed for disaster if you go in a different direction. All it means is, it’s showing you where you need to grow in your current place.


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