The Successful Mind Podcast - Episode 405 - See No Evil

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 405 – See No Evil

Many people have trouble clearly seeing their vision for their life or business. Instead of seeing what they want, they continually see what they DON’T want—e.g., their past hurts, traumas, or failures. Whatever you “see” or recognize precipitates what you speak.

What do you see? Are you seeing yourself living the exact life you want?

In today’s episode I’m teaching on the idea of “see no evil”—which means, “stop recognizing what you DON’T want in your life.” 

You’ll learn:


    • That in order to move forward, you need to know two things—where you are, and where you’re going
    • The ego gets in the way of us knowing where we are in our growth
    • You know you’re dealing with ego (not Spirit) when confusion enters your thought process, because you’re not bringing in truth
    • When you hold a vision in your heart of something you want, you have to be willing to say yes to it—and be willing to sacrifice anything that gets in the way of it
    • To move forward, ask yourself: “Am I able?” and “Am I willing?”
    • If you’re struggling and NOT getting what you want—a simple question you can ask yourself is, “What am I resisting?”


Spirit never speaks to us through fear—it only tells us which way to go, or what to do. Spirit (or the universe) will always show you where you are and what your next step is. It presents to you an opportunity to change something, learn something, or to be, do, or have something. People often argue with whatever the next step is that Spirit is sending them.

The universe doesn’t care what your rationalization or excuse is; it’s trying to teach you a lesson. It’s trying to show where you need to grow next. The opportunity that shows up will require a sacrifice. You may need to sacrifice time, money, a behavior, a habit, an idea you’re holding onto that’s kept you “safe,” or even a relationship. You may need to spend MORE money in a way that’s uncomfortable, so that you can get the information or opportunity you need.


Links & Resources

Three Magic Words by U.S. Andersen

Trust by Iyanla Vanzant

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