The Successful Mind Podcast - Full Throttle Thursday - Dishonorable Discharged: Mandates & Our Military

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 429 – Full Throttle Thursday – Dishonorably Discharged: Mandates & Our Military

In the United States, it’s our right to openly disagree with our government, without consequence. People have fought and died to protect this right. Veterans Day was turned into a national holiday by President Eisenhower on May 26th, 1954, to honor those who have served in our great military, both past and present.

In today’s episode, BT and I discuss what the Biden administration is trying to do to dishonor these very important people. President Biden has apparently said that anybody who’s active military who declines to get the COVID vaccine, will be dishonorably discharged. I served in the military many years ago, and I find this inappropriate, disturbing, and completely wrong.

A dishonorable discharge is the equivalent of a felony. It ruins your life. You lose all military privileges and benefits. You lose your right to vote in most states. You lose the right to carry or own a gun in the United States, just as if you were a regular felon.

When you go down the road of punishing people who disagree with the government, that sets a dangerous precedent. World history shows what this kind of mindset leads to. The Nazis didn’t become the Nazis overnight—it all slipped away gradually, over time. Germany slipped away one mandate, one idea, at a time. Russia slipped away a little bit at a time. All the communist countries and those with totalitarian regimes slipped away—until the people couldn’t do anything anymore.

We can’t tolerate that in the United States. If we tolerate this, we’ll start turning into a totalitarian government. That’s how these things start. Our government does not get to say, “You have to agree with this, or you’ll be punished.”

I want to state for the record: I’m not an anti-vax person. I’m an anti-mandate person. There’s something about the Covid vaccine mandate that concerns me and is extremely wrong to me. In my opinion, it’s a dangerous mindset. It can cause us to risk losing our rights and our beloved country.


We wish all of our veterans out there a “Happy Veterans Day.” We honor you and thank you for your commitment to keeping us safe and doing what you do.


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