Flip the Script on Success Being Hard

Becoming successful is more about changing your awareness than anything else. The beliefs we’ve been given control our perception of the world we see around us. If you have a belief system that says “life is hard, success is hard, and making money is hard”—then you’ll see this belief reflected in your reality.


Not realizing their beliefs control what they see and experience, many people never break out of that illusion. They live in a “matrix” where everything they see is the result of their programmed belief system.


Today, our world is filled with massive amounts of information about every topic imaginable. Our minds are often easily manipulated by things that aren’t real (including AI). This is why you need to develop something inside of yourself in order to be able to “go deep” and find out the truth.


In this episode, I discuss:


  • How I started my journey of self-development in the 1990s—after tripling my income and wanting to know how I’d done that
  • How I turned my car into a library by listening to books and seminars on tape during my drive to work
  • How I get “locked in” on an idea and want to know everything about it—so I go deep and study everything I can get my hands on
  • How I went through a process of deconstructing my worldview in my 20s that said, “Success isn’t for me; making a lot of money isn’t for me; success is difficult”—and how I began to see a polar opposite viewpoint of everything I’d been raised to believe
  • How your habitual, automatic thinking makes life difficult—and how you can shift your thinking in order to make success EASY
  • Why you should “go deep” and read a book more than once (you have to read it to understand it, not just to get through it)


What do you notice now in your life? What do you repetitively talk about now? How are you seeing your life, currently?


You’ll see the equivalent of whatever your belief system is. If you change that, you can start to tell your mind to see something different.

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