True Transformation Comes From Within

Many people believe that reaching a goal will change their life. But that’s actually an illusion. A goal gives your life direction, but the actual transformation comes from the inside—you have to BECOME the person who reaches the goal. Inner transformation doesn’t come from getting the house, the car, the money, the new relationship, or anything else. It comes from you being the best version of yourself in your present environment, today.


In The Science of Getting Rich, Wallace Wattles points out that in order to transform our lives, we have to start from the spiritual nature or energetic nature of who we actually are right now. Transformation is about becoming bigger than your current environment in order to expand into something different.


The biggest error people make when they set goals is, they believe that when they accomplish the goal, it will change their life experience. When many of my clients became millionaires for the first time, they realized when they got to the million, nothing really changed. Most people think, “I’ll change when I reach my goal”—but that’s not true. What do you think the goal will bring you that you can’t do right now?


In this episode you’ll discover:


  • Why your attitude or the way you’re looking at your current environment, is so important
  • A simple exercise to help you analyze why you’re setting a goal
  • Why you must learn to maximize everything in your current situation—and bring what you want into your present environment
  • Why I made my 980-square foot house in Illinois as beautiful as possible 25 years ago—and how this changed my life
  • The universal law of giving and receiving and how it affects your money
  • Why reaching a goal is about creating internal transformation first—and becoming the person you need to be to reach the goal
  • How being your best in everything you do today, causes you to grow into the person that will be your best someplace else


If you want something, start creating it right now. Start being that person right now. In order to attract what you want, you have to maximize whatever you are right now. This works for money too; this changes your expectations in life.

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