The Successful Mind Podcast - Episode 342 - Let Spirit Lead

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 342 – Let Spirit Lead

Many of the world’s greatest philosophers say that suffering begins in the idea of attachment. Suffering begins when we resist something (usually change). We get attached to a particular way of doing or experiencing things. We can’t let things go, or we can’t “flow” like water through a changing environment.

Instead, we get very rigid, and we resist the change that life naturally brings us. When we get attached to the old way of doing things, we become miserable.

Change is a constant thing in our life. Whether it’s big or small, life is always surprising us with something unexpected. And this can often have huge effects on us. You’ll have to deal with change at some point—and you can either go through it kicking and screaming, or you can actually try to go with the flow and see what the opportunity is behind it. 

In today’s episode, you’ll learn:

    • The 2 ways significant change usually takes place in a person’s life
    • How dissatisfaction with life is often the gateway to creating something better
    • Why looking at the big picture (the God’s eye view) versus the small picture (the bug’s eye view) puts everything into perspective and lets you see the patterns of what’s happening
    • Simple questions you can ask yourself to be able to handle change
    • Why a willingness to be adaptable (and not so rigid) opens the way up for opportunity and possibility that sparks your soul

Whatever’s currently going on in your life, I invite you to get really quiet, tune in, and let Spirit lead you through it.

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