The Successful Mind Podcast - Inside Episode 342 - Let Spirit Lead

The Successful Mind Podcast – Inside Episode 342 – Let Spirit Lead

In today’s episode, BT and I delve more into the idea of “letting Spirit lead. ”

Many people are miserable, unhappy, and unfulfilled in their life—and yet, they’re afraid to make any changes. The idea of change is so scary or uncomfortable to them, they’d rather just live with their dissatisfaction.

But here’s the problem: life is always changing. I don’t care who you are, where you’re from, or what your background is—life is going to change from one day to the next. Sometimes it’s big or painful changes. Sometimes it’s great changes that we love. But change is the one constant.

Fundamentally, there seems to be something in the human psyche that keeps us locked into doing the same thing. It’s almost like a rigged system. But if you learn to look at life as an adventure, in anticipation of change, you’ll find it much easier to enjoy the process.

In this episode you’ll learn:

    • The mindset needed to not view every change as a “catastrophe” that brings pain
    • How to listen to that internal voice that’s guiding you on where to go
    • The difference between the voice of fear and the voice of Spirit
    • Why it’s our responsibility as a human being to figure out how to listen to the voice of our higher self
    • The power of moving into acceptance—because there are things in this universe we can’t change
    • Why if your partner or spouse is adapting, but you aren’t, this could affect the connectedness you have, and the things you have in common with them

If you feel like you’ve lost your ability to adapt, this episode is for you. Give it a listen!

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