The Successful Mind Podcast - Episode 553 - Vulnerability: Is it Good for Business?

Vulnerability: Is It Good For Business?

Being in business requires vulnerability. In fact, vulnerability is an essential part of growing. You’re vulnerable just picking up the phone and making sales calls.

To get from 6 figures to 7 figures a year or higher, you need to create the right team. In order to build a team that stands behind you, you have to be vulnerable in your leadership. You must create a culture and environment in which your team can also be vulnerable with you, share ideas, innovate, and not be afraid to make mistakes. The fear of vulnerability is why many business owners don’t grow.

People walk around with fear and anxiety, because they’re afraid to be vulnerable. Often, they were raised in an abusive or toxic environment. So they don’t know how to be vulnerable. By learning this skill set, you can bring calm, peace, and joy to yourself every day.

In this episode, we discuss:


    • How NOT being vulnerable is like wearing armor, putting up a shield, self protecting, and not letting anyone see what’s under the armor
    • How low retention rates are a huge problem for many businesses, and team turnover is really expensive, both in time and money
    • What it takes to cultivate an environment that retains a team and builds a business 
    • How most people are conflict averse and try to avoid conflict—but as a business owner, you have to learn to embrace conflict
    • Why you must communicate your EXACT expectations to your team (which is also vulnerable—because what will people think of your expectations?)
    • Why your relationships shouldn’t based on assumptions


You can’t innovate without vulnerability. You need to have bad ideas and make mistakes in order to innovate.

Being vulnerable requires being courageous. You must be willing to open yourself up to whatever happens. Choose courage over fear.

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