A Conversation with Alex Cattoni

Today my guest is Alex Cattoni, founder of The Copy Posse, “the raddest baddest crew of copywriters and entrepreneurs on the internet.” Alex helps copywriters and entrepreneurs level up their messaging with words that work. Her mission is to change modern marketing, redefine what marketing really means, and in the process, “de-douchify” the internet.


She’s been in the online marketing world for 15 years, starting as an intern at Mind Valley—then doing copywriting behind the scenes for eight years, while making multiple six figures. A fellow entrepreneur encouraged Alex to speak on stages. She wanted to do more, but was afraid of putting herself out there. Full of self-doubt, Alex didn’t think she was ready or qualified. Finally, she said, “Why not me?” and gave herself permission to take the jump. She started The Copy Posse in January of 2020, when the whole world went into lockdown and was looking for ways to make money online.


Alex has observed a divide in the industry between the copywriters, marketers, and entrepreneurs who are out there selling great products and services that genuinely help people—verses those who take advantage of people. Can you be successful AND be a decent human being at the same time?


In this episode, we discuss:


  • How Alex felt jaded by the BS she saw and almost went back to becoming a lawyer (which was her initial plan)
  • How she found her sweet spot between personal development and online marketing—which paved the way for her business
  • The internet’s ability to give a voice to ethical people, while also giving them a place to stand out
  • How the marketing model has completely shifted, and people are no longer buying in linear fashion (this is great news for entrepreneurs who genuinely love what they do—versus those who are just trying to make a quick buck)
  • Alex’s thoughts on entrepreneurs getting rid of their copywriters and just using AI


Alex says copywriting starts with marketing. It starts with foundational concepts like positioning, strategy, customer awareness, understanding your audience, and empathy. Copywriting is putting words on a page. But those words don’t mean anything unless you know what the end goal is.


There’s so much crappy content being published online right now. People with important messages can rise to the top. There’s a great opportunity right now to “double down on being human.”

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