The Successful Mind Podcast - Episode 562 - An Inside View on the Netflix Documentary Stutz

An Inside View on the Netflix Documentary Stutz

**Spoiler Alert:

This Episode Contains Massive Spoilers**

Jonah Hill recently released the Netflix documentary Stutz, in which he has a vulnerable conversation with his therapist Phil Stutz. The documentary is Jonah’s attempt to honor his therapist’s life, while also sharing his tools and demonstrating a real-life therapy session .

Within the first 20 minutes of the film, something feels off. Jonah comes clean with the audience, admitting that up until that point, they’ve spent two years trying to film the session. Jonah then shifts into vulnerability , which makes the rest of the documentary much more authentic .

Jonah & Phil Stutz don’t have a typical patient . But in this case, their relationship helped both of them heal dramatically.

In this episode, Steph and I discuss:


    • The surprise twists that happen in the documentary—and “the big reveal” that takes place within the first 20 minutes that hooks you in and anchors you into what’s going on


    • What stood out for both Steph and me about the film


    • How therapists are trained to just sit across from someone and listen to their problems without interrupting or giving advice (and why Stutz says this is brutal)


    • The tools Stutz gives to Jonah that seriously helped him in life, which anyone can use to quickly shift how they’re feeling


    • How Stutz and Jonah both lost a brother—and how that experience completely disrupted Stutz’s life


    • The three things that humans will always have—pain, uncertainty, and having to do the work


    • How mistakes and pain are leading the way


Jonah and his therapist developed one hell of a relationship . I see it as kind of a love story  that turned out to be a healing journey  for both of them.


It shows that nobody has life all figured out —not even therapists. Everyone’s on a path of constant work, which means constant growth.


I highly recommend you watch this documentary and pay attention to what jumps out at you as you watch it.


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  1. Awesome, very very useful information. Honestly, for me, it was revelatory.
    However, I wish the engineering had been better. Steph was much hotter than David, mic-wise. Distracting.

    1. Appreciate the feedback Lea. We’re currently incorporating a new mic setup into our studio and its taking a bit to get used to. We’ll definitely dial that in moving forward and work on providing the best listener experience possible. Thank you for listening!

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