The Successful Mind Podcast - Episode 585 -Ignite Your Spark

Ignite Your Spark: Tapping Into Your God-Given Gift


“Stir up the God-given gifts inside you.” – 2 Timothy 1:6 


During a recent Million Dollar Morning session, I taught our Elite Mind group about this quote. Many people don’t stir up the God-given gifts inside of them. They don’t even admit they have these gifts, let alone do everything with them. Often these gifts got shut down during childhood, because we were embarrassed or it triggered our parents.


If you’ve had a dream or desire that’s been with you for a long time—you’ve got to see where it goes. It’s usually tied to your God-given gifts. 


In this episode we discuss:


  • How kids naturally do the things they enjoy, but by adulthood, that natural drive gets buried, shut off, and ignored


  • The story of Julie Dell Phillips, our client who dreamed of being an actor even though she was married, a stay-at-home mom, and working for the school system in Texas—she took action on her dream and was recently in a TV film series, “Retrograde Los Angeles”


  • How Julie kept her mindset right and kept going—even though she had so many ups and downs and opportunities to quit


  • How actors must learn to stay consistent even when they don’t get the part, when they’re going through a dry period, when nothing seems to be working—and keep cultivating their craft, learning their skill, honing it, refining it, and learning the business aspect of it


  • How many business owners lack persistence—they try something once, it doesn’t work out, so they give it meaning; they stop, rather than keep honing it, perfecting it, making it better, learning from it, and continuing on the path


  • Why getting resentful of your clients, family, and life is a sure sign that you need to do something that makes you happy, feeds you, and fills your batteries up


To stir up your God-given gifts, you must first recognize that those gifts exist in you. You have to grow, learn, mature, and direct your gifts in a way that’s productive.


Everyone’s gift is different. Most people talk themselves out of taking action on their gifts. The excuses in their head are so strong, screaming at them, that they end up staying exactly where they were—and their dream passes them by.


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