Student Spotlight: Mike Gionta

Today I’m speaking with one of my clients, Mike Gionta, founder of The RecruiterU, a consulting agency that helps recruiters and recruiting firm owners build real businesses that serve and liberate them.


When Mike first began working with me, he came to one of my in-person events in 2015 and realized he was in resistance. “I had success, and success always came from working hard,” he says. “I realized that nothing happens until you make a decision. I had all these options. I had all these things I wanted to do, but I wouldn’t make a decision.”


Mike invested in a VIP day with me in Montreal. And that day, he had a breakthrough that changed everything.


In this episode we discuss:


  • How Mike was stuck, but he didn’t know WHY he was stuck
  • How conversations about money he’d heard growing up, affected him
  • How part of Mike’s resistance was around letting go of money in order to go to the next level
  • Why I told Mike, “Go spend money and you’ll see it come back”—and how he made a resolution that for one year, “Whatever I wanted, I would buy”
  • How following your desire opens up possibilities in your mind—because you’re not living every day with the idea of, “I can’t do this because I can’t afford it”
  • Mike’s realization that whenever he invested in himself or followed his desire, out of no where, he’d have a client pay in full
  • How Mike learned to replace the money he spent, while doing so in faith


Mike is now living the life of his dreams. He says it’s “liberating to stay connected to desire and not get caught up in the ‘how’ or safety or security—knowing the solution and the money are there.” He also left a 30-year marriage, realizing he was not happy in it.

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