Student Spotlight: Beckie Pettis & Karen Webber

Today I’m speaking with Beckie Pettis and Karen Webber, lawyers who help people navigate aging and caregiving challenges. They went through my Elite Mind Program, and it’s been wonderful watching them go through a big transformation.


Beckie and Karen felt they wanted to do something bigger with their life and business, but kept being told by other experts, “You don’t know what you’re doing.” This created doubt, while impacting their self-worth.


They realized they needed to stop listening to other experts who were telling them WHO and HOW they need to be. They needed to become their own authority and listen to their intuition.


After deciding to make a break from that environment, they started flourishing. Beckie took her power back. She learned to think for herself, make decisions for herself, and plan what SHE wanted to do (not what others told her to do). Dialing in her vision created clarity that completely transformed the culture of Beckie and Karen’s firm. Beckie started betting on herself. The gates began to open for her. Her awareness increased tremendously.


After making a key decision, their firm broke every revenue record they’d ever had in less than 30 days. By the end of 2023, they improved profitability by 90%; and in the last quarter of 2023, their months were doubling.


That’s the power of listening to your own inner voice and being your own authority.


In this episode we discuss:


  • How it took immense effort “just to stay in decent energy” during the first half of 2023, because Beckie and Karen dealt with a lot of voices from the outside telling them what to do (which was the opposite of what they were feeling led to do)
  • How they realized they were denying their own selves, and who they really were
  • How the pressures of others’ voices got really loud, and created a self-worth issue
  • How the process of growth causes you to confront yourself internally and face what isn’t working
  • How Beckie looked to the outside for validation of her own authority— abdicating her own judgment, and allowing others’ judgment to replace her own
  • How you MUST have a vision—because if your vision isn’t there, you don’t know where you’re going, and you’ll stumble around; the vision gives you a roadmap


A key lesson Beckie and Karen learned was: “Your reality doesn’t have to be my reality.”

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