The Successful Mind Podcast - Episode 577 - The Difference Between Intuition and Ego and Other Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

The Difference Between Intuition and Ego and Answers to Commonly Asked Questions


People are constantly asking us questions, especially as it pertains to trusting our own intuition and ego. In today’s episode, Steph and I answer the five most common questions we get:


  1. How can I tell the difference between my ego and my intuition?
  2. How do I know when to hire?
  3. How do I set a firm boundary with a family member?
  4. What’s your morning routine?
  5. How do I get over my trust issues? (This can apply to relationships, and to hiring team members.)


We discuss:


  • How intuition guides you in a direction that may not feel comfortable, but it’s part of your purpose (it almost always tells you what TO do—rather than what NOT to do)


  • How our fear response tells us what NOT to do


  • Why Steph thinks every business owner should hire immediately, even in the beginning stages—and how you can use math to free up your time and make more money per hour


  • Why you should hire in the direction you want to go—and stop doing low-dollar-per-hour tasks


  • How boundaries help you maintain your value system and your standard in your life—while preventing another person from abusing, bullying, and violating you


  • How trust issues start with YOU—and how being a trustworthy person means doing what you say you’re going to do (because NOT doing this is a self-betrayal; it destroys your self-esteem)


  • Why you must start being your word—and stop over-committing 


Plus, Steph and I both share a detailed description of our morning routines.


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