Unshakable Foundations: Diving Deep into Faith – Part I

In order to become successful, you must have a strong understanding of “faith.” I don’t mean “religious faith,” where you just accept whatever ideas were taught and passed down to you; nor do I mean an intellectualized idea of faith.


I’m talking about “active faith,” which moves mountains. Active faith is one of the most essential mindset ideas, principles, and techniques that you can use to create the success you want in life. This type of faith does things that the average person would be astounded by.


All the comforts of modern-day society came out of people having faith and a belief in something that didn’t exist yet. They had faith in a direction they wanted to go. People today constantly complain about, and take for granted things that didn’t even exist during our great grandparents’ lives.


In today’s episode you’ll learn:


  • How our perception of success influences what we actually see in our daily life
  • Success does not come down the mountain to meet you—it’s always at the top of the mountain
  • The voice you listen to in your mind is the voice you believe and have faith in
  • The 2 things you must know if you want to be successful (where you are, and where you’re going)
  • You cannot be where you are and go where you want to be without stepping in and becoming something different—you must grow
  • In order to grow, you have to expand your environment, meaning that you need new information, new challenges, and usually new people
  • Why the idea of “starting at the bottom and working your way up to the top” is incorrect—because success can’t “see” you when you’re at the bottom; you have to lift yourself up
  • You can’t get to where you want to go by staying where you are


In today’s world, you can’t escape the negativity that’s everywhere. Faith is the ability to move forward, regardless of fear and negative voices in your head. Faith allows you to overcome the voices of doubt, worry, fear, “there’s not enough,” and the idea that we can’t move forward. Faith is something that’s heard—and when we hear it, it’s usually coming from the voice inside of ourselves.


What do you have faith in?

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4 thoughts on “Unshakable Foundations: Diving Deep into Faith – Part I”

  1. This is gold. I’ve listened 3x in the past 2 days. Desiring to internalize it. Thank you for sharing these powerful principles in such an accessible way. All the podcasts are great – they just keep getting better!

    1. Great to hear that Donna! I appreciate you taking time out to give me your feedback and also for being a loyal listener. This episode is one to definitely revisit many times since you seem to get something profound each time through. Enjoy!

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